After Shave Cream Moisturizer

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Stop shaving irritation from adding to your busy life

There are enough irritations in a man’s busy day, stop shaving from being one of them with our:

Long lasting moisturizer and nourishing cream specifically formulated with natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents to relieve and protect skin from irritations that occurs from shaving and razor burns.

  • Improves skin texture, rejuvenates, and soothes to a more radiant skin
  • reduces redness and in-grown hairs
  • Rapidly moisturizes and conditions skin long after application

Free from alcohol, synthetic fragrances and paraben. Never made with any animal products, not tested on animals, non-GMO, cruelty free.

How to Use:

Pat face dry with a clean towel. Pump a small amount in the palm of hand and gently spread a thin layer onto the skin, allow 1-2 minutes to dry. You may apply a second time for extra hydration or as needed.

Additional information

Additional Info/Key Ingredients:

Formulated with Argan and many precious oil with botanical extracts encapsulated in the organic natural oils for deep and efficient delivery into the skin.
Argan oil rich in tocopherol (vitamin E) –potent anti-oxidant to promote healthy skin and protects cells against free-radical damage and slow the aging process.
Perenial Asiatica extract and aurvedic improves skin texture as a wound healing agent and supports circulation and skin integrity. It contains several important constituents (sterols, flavonol glycosides and saponins) known to treat dermatitis, improve circulation).

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