Organic Shaving Oil

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Enjoy the smoothest shave you ever had & take head shaving to a whole new level!

All natural formula specially developed to provides a softening super glide layer to enable the razor to glide easily for a very close, precise and gentle shave. Start the day with a smooth shave and reviving aroma leaving your face or head feeling silky smooth.

  • Protects and prevents irritation and razor drag.
  • Soothing and non-greasy, will not clog pores or razor
  • Allows razor to glide without dragging for a fast and efficient shave
  • Calms and prevents irritation and redness due to razor bumps
  • Nourishing formula rich in vitamin A and E as well as essential fatty acids
  • Works well for people with ingrown hairs and heavy facial hair

The skin is dramatically influenced by razors, soups and foams. Preparing facial skin for a shave is a very important step in your routine. Our Pre Shave treatment oil formula is developed to provide a protective layer between the razor and skin to prepare the skin for smooth razor contact and prevent irritation.

How to Use:

For Face Shaving: use it before shaving on face, head, legs, chest and back. Before shaving apply a few drops of oil on your hands and massage it to the face in an upward and circular motion to soften the beard and protect skin. Lather up with your usual product or soap and shave as always. Rinse and have a great day.

For Head Shaving:

Place a few drops of oil in your hand and gently rub onto your head. Continue to slowly massage the scalp and hair root area for a couple minutes. A thin layer is formed to provide a slick surface allowing the razor to glide with no irritation. Lather and shave as usual and clean the razor with water every few passes.  If you have a dry scalp or spend extended hours in the heat, massage a couple drops into the scalp to moisturize and protect.

Great results are also achieved by massaging a few drops onto warm, freshly showered skin.  Lather up with your usual product or soap and shave as always.

Additional information

Additional Info/Key Ingredients:

A blend of natural and certified organic oil. It is formulated with all natural blends of oils and extracts, free of synthetic ingredients, silicone, mineral oil, dyes, paraben, or preservatives. Alcohol and synthetic fragrance free. No animal ingredients and not tested on animals.


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